Have you ever experienced a seemingly never-ending wooden door and frame installation? Forget the one-after-another defect. Forget the 1-1 door adjustment. Forget the incontrollable cost. 

Dry installation system is a smart solution that could prevent those recurring construction inconvenience. With all doors coated and ironmongery routed from the factory, they could be installed precisely under a slim timeframe. 


It is fast. It is precise. It is lean. It is environmentally-friendly. 



If the thought of finishing your floor with wood conjures up images of choking dust, then you have yet to experience Deco floor installation and dust-free sanding. 

Dust-free sanding replaces what used to be a tremendous clean-up effort and an unhealthy work environment with the use of high-powered vacuum which removed virtually all hazardous and hypoallergenic airborne dust from the work area. 

Our services of floor installation and dust-free sanding are the total solution of making your space aesthetically-pleasing in no time. 

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