Deco Enterprises Co., Ltd   ,established in 2002, is a wooden product manufacturer, specializing in wooden doors and frames that pioneered the innovation of engineered wood in Thailand’s real estate construction industry. 

With the CEO’s vision to grow sustainably and build a long-term relationship with our clients and the environment, the company’s greatest value is not monetary, but rather the “happiness”. The happiness of clients when receiving our high-quality environmentally-friendly wooden products made from non-toxic glue and low-V.O.C. paint that are safe to live with. In addition to the personal satisfaction is the happiness from acknowledgment that their demands of wooden products have not compromised the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs because the source of wood used is FSC certified.

Furthermore, Deco Enterprises also implements the concept of “Lean construction” to our line of work. While the work at the site is being prepared, our manufacturing line at the factory is working in parallel to paint, install ironmongery, and getting into joinery details so that the products are ready to be installed with pre-hang door system. Despite the benefit of punctuality under time constraint, high quality work, and reduced steps at work site, our Pre-hang door system also reduces waste and on-site pollution including dust, noise, and smell.

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